Tug towing, scale sailing and yachting
Balne Moor Model Boat Club


This section includes photographs of events at both venues, other events at which the Club has been represented and photographs of Members' boats.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

The gallery will always contain twelve months of photographs and the previous year's event will be deleted as a new event is added.

​2017 EVENTS

Yachting Championship 2017
The prizes for the 2017 Yachting Championship were awarded
at the Christmas lunch on Tuesday 12 December.

The trophy winners were:

Yachting Club Champion - Chris Moore
DF65 Tuesday Series - Ray Baskerville
​IOM Tuesday Series - Ray Atkinson

​Here are some photos of the award recipients.
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
  4. Title 4
​North Sea Winches Challenge
1st October
Another great day at the pond.
The tug competition was for a two tug tow.  The winners were Steve Clubbe and John Pollitt, well knock me over with a feather!!  

The threatened rain held off all day and it was not too windy this time.

  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
​Svitzer Tug Towing Challenge 17th September
The second annual Svitzer sponsored tug towing challenge took place with weather which was less kind than for other events in 2017.  Nevertheless there was a good turnout of both tugs and scale boats.
  1. Roy's Afon Alaw undertaking the single tow
  2. Ian's Happy Hunter and John's Velox on the two tug tow.
  3. The three tug tow event
​Roses Regatta 13th August
Another great event with the white roses of Yorkshire once again taking on the red ones of Lancashire.
We only had one true Lancastrian competing so some Yorkshiremen had to represent the red rose county.  Maybe that's why Lancashire won!
  1. Tow 1 Featherstone on the pond
  2. Tow 2 Whittaker takes to the course
  3. Steve Clubbe receives the cup on behalf of the Lancastrians!
​Sunset Sail 12th August
A great evening sail with a number of boats continuing into the dark displaying their running lights and, in some cases, interior lighting.

If we had a prize for the most lights this one would surely have won!

The evening was complemented with catering by Jax and Alan.

  1. Komet
​Scale Sailing 23rd July
Another enjoyable day at the pond.  

Although the weather was not as kind as at recent events, it was still dry and we were only troubled by a sneaky wind later in the day.

​A mix of tugs and warships enjoyed the day
  1. Tim and Samuel's St Canute
  2. John's HMAS Sydney
  3. Eric's HMS Nelson
  4. Ian's tug
Tug Towing and Scale sailing 2nd July
Another enjoyable event being blessed yet again with good weather.

There were fewer participants at this event, but a good time was had by those who attended.

A mix of tug towing and scale with most of the scale being grey ships.
​Tug Towing Pro-Am 17/18 June
A quiet day on Saturday saw only a few Members and visitors enjoy the excellent weather at the pond.

Sunday saw some of the best weather we have ever seen and a considerable increase in both visitors and members.  The pond was busy all day as people learned and practised their skills.

Thanks to Clyde Model Boats for providing a trade stand on Sunday

 This event included  fundraising for the Alzheimer's Society with the proceeds from the raffles and cup-cakes going to that cause.  We raised £100.
  1. Andy's Afon Alaw on the stern of Whittaker with John's Velox on the bow.
  2. Andy W steers the course with other tugs standing by
  3. Head on with Afon Alaw
  4. Lizzie Brewin on the bow of Featherstone and Ormesby Cross on the stern

CADMA Show 3-4 June​​

As usual the Club had a stand at the annual CADMA Show in Doncaster.

We had a good selection of model types and the stand displayed the new banner which depicts tug towing.

Overall though it has to be said that the attendance of the public was disappointing.
Tugs and Navy Day 28 May
After the storms of Saturday, Sunday proved to be a significant improvement with lots of sunshine particularly in the afternoon.

There was a good selection of warships and tugs on display.

A decent turnout of  members and we welcomed a number of visitors.
  1. Well we said it was Tugs and Navy Day
  2. Eric's HMS Nelson on the boat launch
  3. Ian's Corvette
  4. Two tugs await orders
  5. Two Svitzer tugs out to play
Scale steering 14th May
Again the weather was kind to us, although not quite the exceptional day we had in April.
There were fewer participants, but all enjoyed a leisurely sail on the steering course.
  1. Roy's "Balmoral"
  2. Paul's Broads cruiser
  3. Michael's "Svitzer Bitzer"
  4. Ian's corvette
  5. John's "Svitzer Maverick" with barge
​Tug towing and scale steering 9th April
A spectacular event at the pond with wall to wall sunshine all day.  ​​
Everyone who came thoroughly enjoyed both the weather and the activities on the pond.

We had a good spread of visitors and a number of new members signing up.

The tug towing was based on the two tug format and, guess what,  John Pollitt and Steve Clubbe won.
  1. Roy's Afon Alaw and Michael's Ormesby Cross tow Featherstone
  2. Andy's Portgarth
First sail of the season Sunday 12th March Balne Moor pond
An enjoyable day at the pond after fears that the winter high water level would stop play.  Just before the event the water level was above the pond surround.
As usual for our first event it was a free sail with an opportunity to "shake down" new builds before more competitve events later in the season.
  1. Eric's Nelson takes to the water
  2. Both tows on the water together with Ian's Happy Hunter leading
  3. A visiting tug from Bridlington Club
  4. Sam tests new springer tug. Other tuggers beware!